Literacy & Chess At California Community Center

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Spring break ends this weekend for JCPS students and some of them chose to spend their time off reading and playing chess.

The literacy and chess program was held this week at the California community center in west Louisville.

For the past five days, 18 elementary and middle school students read books and competed against each other on the chess board.
Superintendent Donna Hargens and Mayor Greg Fischer stopped by Friday to check out the action.
Fischer says it's important for students to exercise their minds when they're away from the classroom.
“Anytime that you stop learning you start forgetting we seeing it especially a problem over the summer, we call it summer melt,” said Fischer. “Every day that you can learn something new it keeps your mind sharp.”
The literacy and chess program was a success this year.
School officials plan to host the event again next and hope even more students come and check it out.