Speaker Series With Principal Baruti Kafele

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Dr. John Marshall and Principal Kafele
In our latest speaker series, @Jcpsky had the nationally known speaker Principal Baruti Kafele engage the group in an interactive dialogue around leadership, action, and supporting the youth. In typical fashion, @PrincipalKafele turned the mirror to the crowd and challenged them to ask and answer three questions that got to the heart of teaching and leading. Kafele then told the staff that it is not enough to do it once a week. He posited that it should be done every day. He went even further to say that there should be actions that exemplify the purpose. It was clear that many of the principals and staff in the room were compelled to be introspective and question how they lead.

As Kafele began to discuss his outlook on teaching, he asserted that some of the issues kids are facing can only be solved by teachers who employ culturally responsive teaching. He said, “A child had to see himself in the curricula. If he or she does not, how is a teacher to connect with a child and the child to lesson?”

Attendees at Principal Kafele PD.
Kafele also spoke with community members later that night. He encouraged the community to stay active in the school system and to not flounder. @PrincipalKafele said that the community cannot get fatigued nor settle. In a short vignette that he shared, he spoke of his visit to Selma and crossing the Edmund Pettus bridge—the same bridge on which Bloody Sunday took place on March 7, 1965. The depth of introspection while on that bridge made him realize that he has more work to do as it relates to helping boys and girls. He said that moment brought things into focus and that moments and experiences like that are what students need if they are to have a better understanding of what they are.

The 2016-17 speaker series was created to have national experts come and provide tools so that educators and community members could better reach the youth. As expected, Principal Kafele delivered.