Dr. Donna Ford Speaker Series

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Dr. Donna Ford is without a doubt one of the premier leaders in Gifted and Talented Education. Her focus on the disproportionate participation of students of color in gifted programs has shed light on the fact that @JCPSKY and school districts throughout the country must focus on access and/or the belief gap. 

During her last visit to @JCPSKY, @donnayford spoke directly to the need of having different methods to test for “gifts.” She posits, and research supports, that many assessments—especially when coupled with implicit bias—leave students of color and/or impoverished students behind with regard to access to opportunity. On the other hand, she also asserts that there is promising and powerful work coming from our Gifted and Talented Education Department under the leadership of @lfrazie11, LaTonya Frazier. 

@JCPSSuper attended the Community Conversation and was very agreeable and complimentary of the work that @LeadEducateLift, Chief Academic Officer Dr. Lisa Herring, and Ms. Frazier are doing in Jefferson County Public Schools. Without apology, @JCPSSuper was clear that there is still work to be done to reach equity and access for all students. 

With help from @dena_dossett, our chief of Data Management, Planning, and Program Evaluation, @JCPSKY is beginning to review its current practices and consider additional means by which to test and qualify gifted children. @donnayford suggested that @JCPSKY look into adding the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT) (https://m.testprep-online.com/what-is-the-nnat.aspx) as a means to triangulate placing/assigning students in the Gifted and Talented Program. Three department chiefs in @JCPSKY will collaborate to look into the different assessments for gauging/identifying gifted students. @dena_dossett, @LeadEducateLift, and @jdm1906 will dive further into the desire to make assessments and placement more equitable. 

@JCPSKY thanks Dr. Ford for continuing to work with us! The intent of the speaker series is to engage and inform the community and staff about relevant and needed topics that impact the ways in which we can improve outcomes for students. We are fortunate to have national leaders like @donnayford be a part of our speaker series.