First Annual Educators of Color Recognition

11:12 AM JCPS DEP 0 Comments

Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) (@jcpsky), in collaboration with other organizations, hosted its first annual Educators of Color celebration. The event was by far one of the best events of year. It was warming and uplifting to see the educators recognized for their great work.

To quote Dr. Muñoz (@marcomunozjcps), a recipient of an award, “This night touches my soul. It gives me energy. This stuff matters.” I found myself asking, why does this matter? Why does a night like this—in spite of the rain and it being on Friday and before testing—bring such a joyful crowd? Because there is no such thing as too many pats on the back.

Research shows that there is a burden that falls upon teachers of color. A burden that they willingly carry, regardless of weight. Often, teachers of color are asked to manage, connect, advocate, discipline, direct, mentor, and help in ways that go far beyond the typical teaching day. The presence/power of educators of color often evokes a level of familiarity and hope that cannot be underestimated and easily quantified. But yet and still, that invisible tax is paid and will continue to be paid by educators of color.

Understanding that educators of color in the higher education ranks also deserve to be celebrated, the committee recognized Drs. Dawson-Edwards (@cheriedawsonphd) and Jones (@drrickyljones) for their unapologetic work, research, and support for students as it relates to race, equity, poverty, and uplift. Also, their undying support for JCPS situated them in a league of their own.

The first inaugural Educators of Color recognition night was nothing less than galactic. The room was full smiles and relative understanding that teachers of color are needed, diverse, and deserving.

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